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Marketing Kit Sun School

A stylish offer for potential franchisees.


Branding Agency Pen&Brain®

We are perfectionists in our job. Our projects blow up the market. We always finish them and struggle for success. This approach made us experts in the field of product, brand and digital.
Our sites are conversion and brands are effective. Every project is a combination of strategy, branding, design and high-tech. We create unforgettable products.

Silver Star

Rigel group

Sun School

Ak Bars Bank

Education Management

BFK holding

Empire of Water


Football club RUBIN



Tatinter Restaurants

Marketing Kit Sun School

Marketing Kit Sun School

A stylish offer for potential franchisees.
Branding Mugenov

Branding Mugenov

The unique color in the logo and corporate style.
Landing Page R2

Landing Page R2

Landing page for top managers and business owners.
Eleos clinic website

Eleos clinic website

Self-diagnosis, disease guide and a complete list of services for patients.

“The best reward is to astonish your imagination with our work”

Zhaldak Dmitry Valerevich
Founder of the agency


New brands are created constantly. The known ones are upgraded once per three years. We are always aware of what is fashionable and what is already out of date. We will do absolutely everything for your company from creating a logo up to designing chain stores. We will think through positioning, increase recognizability and do more different things. Just choose what you need right now and what can wait.

  • Research and Brand Strategy
  • Creating a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Naming
  • Designing products and packaging
  • Creating a brand book
  • Designers assistance
  • Logo & Corporate Identity
  • Marketing kit, presentation, annual report
  • Presentation products
  • Content for exhibitions and conferences


New era - new rules. We started to make mobile versions of sites when nobody else ever thought about it. Now it is more profitable to run a mobile version than the desktop one. With us you overtake your competitors and time. We do not have any beauty options. We only use what you will need and what will increase your profit. Our interfaces are intuitively understandable and available for all user. Our design emphasizes advantages of the product and causes credibility.

  • Analysis and prototyping
  • Corporate website
  • Image and promo site
  • Landing Page
  • Online Store
  • Technical and design support

We are interested
in your success

Every project benefits you. We commit ourselves body and soul to make it live, work and profit. We are interested in bringing new ideas to the market and providing brands with fresh air. We work with offline and online so that you can interact your audience in all areas.